To our international friends and supporters,

23 November 2015

We wish to alert you to recent events in Shan State, Eastern Burma, which have left more than 10,000 people displaced and many killed and injured.

Whilst the world is distracted by election results in Burma, the Burma Army has launched a massive offensive in Central Shan State. Fighting has also escalated in Kachin State and Palaung area of Northern Shan State. The Shan Women’s Action Network strongly condemns the attacks, which have left thousands without food and shelter.

Map of Fighting Area

SWAN’s Charm Tong recently spoke to the media about the attacks: “The fighting is escalating, with the Burma Army indiscriminately shelling and shooting civilian homes, temples and temporary IDP [internally displaced person] camps. The situation has terrorized the local communities”, she told the Irrawaddy.

Urgent update by the Shan Human Rights Foundation

November 20, 2015

Burma Army shelling and aerial bombing of 6,000 civilians in Mong Nawng town are war crimes

The Shan Human Rights Foundation strongly condemns the Burma Army shelling and aerial bombing of Mong Nawng town in central Shan State between November 9 and 12, 2015. The firing of shells and bombs directly into the centre of this densely populated town of 6,000 people, damaging houses and causing civilian injury, meets the definition of war crimes, and must be denounced and acted upon by the international community.

SHRF full report (Burmese | English | Shan | Thai)