SWAN participates in Women’s Exchange, Nepal (20-25th June 2016)

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Two SWAN staff members had the chance to attended the CREA Women’s Exchange (20-25th June 2016) in Nepal in June, 2016. Organized by CREA, a feminist organization working for women’s rights based in India, this Women’s Exchange was held in Kathmandu. Women of Burma’s various ethnic groups were represented with 7 women’s organisations from Burma participating, including SWAN.

The workshops held consisted mostly of presentations by women who are actively working for women’s issue at the local level and the national level in the three countries represented; Nepal, India and Burma. SWAN staff members in attendance particularly enjoyed getting the opportunity to go and learn from the different women’s organisations in Kathmandu itself after learning the history of Nepal and Nepali people, and the contexts in which these female peers of SWAN work. A defining feature of which is that women of Kathmandu are more likely to go to the police station and make formal complaints when faced with sexual violence than SWAN finds that women of rural Shan State are; something SWAN staff work on consistently to change. SWAN staff members were also delighted to see the pride that many women’s organisations have in their male staff who are working in solidarity with feminism and to directly influence and change male behavior towards women.

http://www.creaworld.org Visit CREA to learn more about what they do and participate in one of their regular webinars or twitter chats.